'Karen' Threatens To Call Security On Black Woman For Using Bathroom

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A white woman is being dubbed a "Karen" after she threatened to call security on a Black woman for using a public bathroom in their workplace.

A video of the encounter, which unfolded at a law firm in Buffalo, New York last week, was shared by TikTok user @topcat716. In the video, the Black woman appeared to be exiting a communal bathroom when the white woman confronted her.

“Can I ask who you report to so I can call the law firm?” the white woman asked.

According to the video, both women worked in the same building but on different floors. The Black woman asked why she couldn't use the bathroom on the floor where the other woman worked.

“Because you need to stay on your floor bathroom,” the "Karen" said.

“Why do I have to stay on my floor? Because of what?” the Black woman asked, before adding “I can use whatever bathroom I want to use. This is the law firm where I work,” @top_cat716 replies.

The white woman then threatened to call security before ultimately going downstairs to make an in-person report.

“Please contact security. I work here. You sound stupid,” the Black woman responded.

It's unclear what occurred after the video ended. Several TikTok users commented in support of the Black woman.

"I would go to the bathroom on that floor everyday," one user quipped.

"Imagine going to security to report that an employee from another office in the building..is using the buildings bathroom," another user commented.

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