LSU Basketball's Flau'jae Johnson Apologizes For Referencing 9/11 In Lyrics

Photo: Getty Images

LSU women's basketball star and rapper Flau'jae Johnson has apologized for her controversial lyrics about 9/11.

Johnson faced backlash earlier this month when she referenced the September 11 attack on Twin Towers in her remix of Latto's "Put It On Da Floor." The bar, "In this 911 blowing smoke just like them towers," was a double entendre referencing riding in a Porsche and the 2001 terrorist attack.

On Thursday (May 11), Johnson took to Instagram to address the controversial bar, per TMZ.

"I just want to come on here and let ya'll know by no means would I ever intentionally try to disrespect or offend anyone," the basketball star said. "My whole goal in music is to push positivity and spread love. So, in no way, shape, or form would I ever intentionally try to disrespect or offend anyone."

Johnson's apology comes after LSU spoke out about the song earlier this week, saying the rapper "expressed sincere remorse for any possibility of a misunderstanding." The university noted that the song's music video was removed from the internet.

In her apology on Thursday, Johnson pledged to "learn from this moving forward."

"I just thank ya'll for ya'll continued support," she said.

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