Senator Proposes Bill To Create 'Ebony Alert' For Missing Black Women, Kids

Photo: Getty Images

A California lawmaker has proposed a bill to create an "Ebony Alert" system to bring home missing Black women and children.

According to CBS News, Senator Steven Bradford is backing Senate Bill 673, which would create a new alert system similar to Amber or silver alerts but specifically intended to help locate missing Black women, girls, and youth.

"The Ebony Alert would ensure that resources and attention are given so we can bring home missing Black women and Black children in the same way we would search for any missing child and missing person," Bradford said in a news release.

The state senator added that the Ebony Alert system would ensure Black women and girls receive the same resources and commitment as other missing persons.

If the bill is passed, law enforcement agencies would be able to issue an Ebony Alert after considering if the person's age is between 12-25, if they are suspected to be the victim of trafficking or abduction, if one's physical safety is in danger, or if the person suffers from a physical or mental disability, among other factors.

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